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How to make tsclient use freerdp instead of rdesktop in freebsd

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First of all why anyone would do that? Because rdesktop doesn't support newer encryption schemes supported by remote desktop while freerdp does.

  1. Download latest stable version of freerdp
  2. add line


    to file CMakeLists.txt in freerdp source root dir
  3. do cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .
    IMPORTANT: do not define DWITH_SSE2=ON, otherwise compilation will fail
  4. do make
  5. do make install as root
  6. replace /usr/local/bin/rdesktop with attached perl script (if you don't have rdesktop installed just save attached script to /usr/local/bin and rename it to rdesktop (without .pl) and make it executable)

When connecting to new server xfreerdp will ask you whether you trust offered public key (similar to ssh), so it is good idea to run it from console that time, also if it is not connecting to server it is good idea to run tsclient from console because xfreerdp might be printing messages to console.