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Installing monodoc on FreeBSD

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I don't have any idea if mono-tools is still supported package, but its build is badly broken at least on FreeBSD. Anyway, the only tool I find really useful there is monodoc, which luckily can be installed manually like this:

  • Download latest mono-tools (from github)
  • Install /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gnome-desktop-sharp20
  • do ./ in directory where you downloaded mono-tools (obviously you need to have automake and autoconf tools for this)
  • cd docbrowser
  • do gmake
  • it will fail to compile admin.cs file
  • you do touch admin.exe to make it think it succeeded
  • do gmake install (still in docbrowser directory)

After all this you should be able to start monodoc from command line (or to invoke it from within monodevelop using F1). I find monodoc very useful when browsing Gtk# documentation, since web documentation seems to have some very stupid layout.