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MATE 1.12.1 and FreeBSD 10.3

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One place to put all little tweaks to make it work better with FreeBSD.

Rhythmbox icon not showing in tray
Apparently they removed Tray Icon plugin for some reason. After downloading it can be unpacked to some subdir (for example "tray") of .local/rhythmbox/plugins (or /usr/local/share/rhythmbox/plugins to make it system-wide). Enable plugin from rhythmbox after this.
Volume keys do not work
Rebuild and reinstall /usr/ports/sysutils/mate-settings-daemon from ports (seems there was something broken in package build so it didn't properly detect that libmatemixer was present)
Enable compiz-fusion
You might wish to install dconf-editor to do it from gui - change org.mate.session.required-components.windowmanager to compizmanager. Don't forget in compiz settings to enable:
  • zoom desktop
  • desktop cube
  • rotate cube
  • show desktop
  • minimize effect
  • window decoration
  • wobbly windows
  • window previews
  • all image loading
  • resize info
  • workarounds (
  • application switcher
  • move window
  • place windows
  • resize window
Firefox plugins
Super Start (no matter about platform) - to have sane new tab page
Dark steel blue theme
Thunderbird plugins