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Making GNOME 3 usable under FreeBSD

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As usable as it could be after their developers got infected by that brain parasite (it is funny how functionality-wise pretty much everything is done in wrong way).

Plugins needed/enabled:

  • Applications menu
  • Backslide (not really needed, but I like desktop background to cycle through directory)
  • Frippery panel favorites to get something similar to quick launch
  • Mmod panel to disable annoying hot spot in top left, and to move date/time to top right
  • Pidgin IM integration in order to alert of new messages
  • Project hamster extension (if using hamster for tracking time, for this to work you also need hamster timetracker which can be found on github)
  • User themes if you want to be able to have per user themes
  • Window list or Frippery Bottom Panel to show list of running programs in bottom of screen (frippery looks little bit less attractive, but it has proper workspace switcher)
  • Workspace isolated dash to prevent dash from showing programs on all workspaces (if you care about dash)
  • Workspace wraparound to be able to cycle through workspaces
  • Topicons if you are annoyed by new tray (this one doesn't seem to work completely properly for me - parts of screen bellow it are often not refreshed)
  • Media player indicator for controlling rhythmbox from top panel (or alternative tray icon plugin for rhythmbox to control it from new tray)

To be able to install extensions from your browser make sure /usr/local/bin comes before /usr/bin in your path. In order to have screensavers make sure xscreesaver is started (then you control them using xscreensaver-demo).

Default font is also horrible, but after changing it to Sans 10 things look much nicer.


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With above plugins it can only be bearable (too many other things are annoying). It is much better alternative to switch to MATE.

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