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At the moment I work as system architect at Codenizer. This is company specialized in providing various solutions for fintech companies, this ranges from simple modules to full blown wallets and backoffice systems. Fintech and especially card issuing (areas Codenizer specializes for) are quite challenging (and that makes them interesting) because these systems as general rule need to be highly available (so any downtime is unacceptable for them) and of high quality. Trying to build system that is highly scalable, stable and secure is quite interesting job which quite often requires using many different and seemingly unrelated technologies to work together. At Codenizer all this is made even more interesting by adding unique internal tools we are developing there (compilers, code verifiers, etc.).

Lessons that I am learning at Codenizer I am sometimes sharing on these pages. This website is also list of recipes how to solve some problems (sometimes I keep forgetting the solution, so I like to be able to find it on this website) - not all of these solutions are originally mine, and in that case I am putting link to the original article (possibly caching solution on these pages as well).

Ivan Radovanovic