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Configuring default resolution for FreeBSD 11 with UEFI

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If you have to set native resolution on system console (if for example you have to run scfb driver for X), first check resolutions supported by UEFI - escape to loader prompt when booting OS and type:
That should list all textual modes recognized by loader (alternatively you can also try gop list or uga list, but saving gop mode setting using following method won't work (I don't know about uga since my computer doesn't support it)). After this you can set mode you want to use using
(for example mode 2), and continue booting typing boot (NOTE: you can use gop set instead of mode (but with gop mode number), and that will also boot in correct resolution).

To make this mode setting permanent save it to /boot/loader.rc.local (just one line "mode NUMBER").