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Tunneling using ssh

To create tunnel using ssh execute following command:
ssh server -L local_port:remote_ip:remote_port -N
effect of this command is to create tunnel between localhost:local_port and remote_ip:remote_port going through server.

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How to create proxy using ssh

You can create SOCKS proxy using ssh by running

ssh -D port login@server

replace port with port number you want proxy to appear on your local machine, in web browser choose SOCKS for proxy type, localhost for proxy server and same port as port in command above.

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How to prevent annoying crackers from brute force login attacks

Add following to your /etc/pf.conf

# if re0 is your card
# this goes in the top
table <bad_guys> persist
block in quick on $ext_if from <bad_guys> to any

Add following to your /etc/syslog.conf; |/root/

(assuming that is in /root directory)

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