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If skype 4.2 doesn't work with FreeBSD

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and if there are lot of messages similar to
kernel: linux: pid 64067 (skype): linux_sys_futex: op FUTEX_WAIT_REQUEUE_PI not implemented

remove port /usr/ports/audio/linux-c6-pulseaudio-libs and make sure /usr/ports/audio/linux-c6-alsa-plugins-oss is installed (last one might require tweaking /compat/linux/etc/alsa/pcm/pcm-oss.conf)


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Some manual installation is needed (follow instruction from here) - short:

# pkg install linux-c6-pulseaudio-libs
# cd /compat/linux
# rpm2archive < ~/tmp/pulseaudio-libs-glib2-0.9.21-21.el6.i686.rpm| tar xvf -
x ./usr/lib/
x ./usr/lib/

Find needed rpm file at
After all that it is necessary to edit alsa config file (they were bored, so they moved it to /etc/asound.conf (under /compat/linux of course)).

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